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Our Story

We have been working in the landscaping and plant market in Winnipeg Manitoba for over a decade. We combine this experience and top quality plants to provide the best plants for the Winnipeg climate delivered right to your door. We started out working for some of the biggest garden centres and landscaping companies in the city. We watched countless people tarp, blanket and jam plants in their cars and SUV's creating quite the mess! We decided to offer a different solution. Use our trucks and trailers that are meant to get dirty to deliver the same plants right to you. We partner with some of the largest plant growers in Manitoba to order and deliver plants just in time. No plants sit around ever ensuring you get the finest quality plants available.

We know the Winnipeg Manitoba market well and provide the plants that work best in our climate. If you are looking for someone to plant your plants and do landscaping in your yard in Winnipeg head over to our partners at Inspired Landscapes.

Delivery Info

Tired of getting soil and leaves all over your car? Don't have time to run to the nursery and wait in line?
Thats where we come in . Delivering the plants and products you need to create the outdoor space you have always dreamed of at a fraction of the cost. With convenient online ordering, payment and delivery we are your one stop for plants and supplies.

We deliver once per week. Delivery over 100$ is free. $19.95 on orders under $100.00


We are Winnipeg Manitoba owned and operated. All of our plants are locally grown in the province. All plants listed are suited for the Manitoba Climate.

If you do not see the plants you need please feel free to call or email us and we will check local availability for you. Thank you for choosing Plants to you.ca


Most of our plants are the exact same ones found in your local nurseries! We run an efficient Just in Time ordering system with the growers in order to lower operating costs and pass these savings on to you.

As with all plants there is seasonal effects on growth and availability. We strive to pick the best possible plants and deliver them in a timely manner to ensure freshness.

Free Returns Within 48 Hours of delivery.


  • $19.99 Orders Under $100.00
  • Free shipping Orders Over $100.00
  • No Pickup Available
  • Deliver Friday & Saturday Every Week


  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Taxes Charged on all orders


  • Free Returns within 48hrs of Delivery