Echinacea's For Winnipeg

Prairie Splendor™ Coneflower

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This exciting variety produces large, deep pink flowers and comes on display earlier than most other coneflower varieties. The growth habit is uniform and tidy.

Echinacea Magnus

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The classic purple coneflower. Beautiful rose pink ray petals with a coppery brown, spiky central cone. Petals are held horizontally, making the flowers appear even bigger.

Echinacea Butterfly Kisses

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The ‘Butterfly Kisses’ Echinacea from master hybridizer Arie Blom is one you’ll definitely want to have this year. Selected by the breeder for its compactness and sturdy habit, we agree that this is easily one of the nicest of the double pom-pom type Echinaceas introduced thus far.

Echinacea Lemon Yellow

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SOMBRERO® Echinaceas are evenly matched for habit and timing, making them a breeze in production. They are all very well-branched, sturdy plants that bulk up quickly, do not require vernalization to bloom, and are loaded with buds for a vibrant show of color.

Echinacea Adobe Orange

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After a vigorous container and landscape trial of Adobe Orange, we are pleased to add this orange flowering Echinacea to complete the color range. Intense orange flowers will make other Echinacea pale in comparison, with a matching orange cone that really makes the color pop.

Echinacea PowWow White

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Like its bright magenta pink counterpart 'PowWow Wild Berry', this new seed selection from PanAm Seed Co. also performed impressively in our trials.

Echinacea Green Jewel

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This incredibly unique Echinacea was discovered by Piet Oudolf and introduced through Future Plants. Light green ray petals surround the large, green cone of this fragrant coneflower. The plants have an upright habit and a height of just 20-24 inches, so no staking is required.