Roses For Winnipeg

Chinook Sunrise™ Rose

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The second addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection of roses. This incredible rose blooms in a flush with a riot of exotic coral colours. Gardeners will love this low-maintenance beauty measuring 150cm in height with black spot tolerance and winter hardiness across Canada.

Therese Bugnet Rose

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Fragrant, double, ruffled, pink flowers New leaves emerge reddish, turning light green, then to orange and scarlet in the fall Orange fruits persist into the winter Upright habit features reddish stems Resistant to black spot Bloom Time: Early summer and sporadically until frost Type: Shrub

Redleaf Rose

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AKA Rosa glauca Single, pink flowers Red, pear-shaped fruit persists into the winter Red leaves with hints of blue-green, turn dull red in the fall Canes are scattered with bristles, sparse on mature plants Bloom Time: Summer

Purple Pavement Rose

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Deep crimson-purple blooms Blooms are semi-double with showy, golden stamens Medium green, ruffled foliage Very fragrant Bloom Time: Summer until frost Type: Hybrid Rugosa, Ground Cover

Morden Fireglow Rose

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Clusters of double, moderately fragrant, orange-red flowers Flowers feature an orange colour on the inside, scarlet-red on the outside Red fruits persist through the winter Glossy, dark green leaves on thorny stems emerge reddish, turning purple in the fall Bloom Time: Late spring until frost

John Cabot Rose

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Profuse bloomer with clusters of slightly fragrant, double, red-pink flowers Glossy, new leaves emerge reddish in colour, turn dark green and then to yellow in the fall Thorny stems Upright, rounded, arching habit Resistant to black spot Bloom Time: Late spring until frost Type: Climbing

Hope for Humanity Rose

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Clusters of large, fragrant, semi-double, wine-red flowers Smooth, dark green leaves on thorny stems Compact, upright habit Disease resistant Bloom Time: Late spring until frost Type: Shrub

Hansa Rose

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Large, double, reddish-purple flowers Dark green, crinkled foliage Very fragrant Type: Hybrid rugosa

Champlain Rose

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Mildly fragrant, semi-double, cherry-red blooms Glossy, dark green leaves on thorny stems Orange hips appear in the fall Disease resistant Bloom Time: Spring until frost Type: Shrub

Blanc Double de Coubert Rose

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Clusters of fragrant, semi-double, pure white flowers Orange fruit persists into late fall Textured, green leaves on spiny stems Rounded, mounding habit Black spot and disease resistant Bloom Time: Late spring until frost Type: Hybrid Rugosa