Sedum For Winnipeg

Angelina Stonecrop

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This plant is a great low-growing groundcover noted for bright golden-yellow succulent foliage and yellow flowers in mid to late summer. It is similar to the popular S. relexum except for thegolden foliage. Excellent for rock and alpine gardens.

Variegated Russian Stonecrop

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Green and yellow variegated foliage forms a prostrate carpet. Rich yellow flowers accent in mid summer.

Matrona Stonecrop

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Large, gray green foliage has a tinge of purple. Jumbo flower domes rise above the plant.

Sedum T-Rex

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Rigid, upright sedum. Green leaves with sharply toothed edges. Rose-pink flowers in fall.

Sedum Neon

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This upright variety sports flat clusters of radiant rosy-magenta flowers that seem to glow in contrast with the light green foliage. A sport of 'Brilliant' with broader flower clusters and more consistent color. Gold fall color.

Autumn Joy Sedum

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A highly desirable and popular ground cover, forming a dense mound completely covered in broccoli-like salmon-pink flowers which fade to red in early fall, succulent dusty-green foliage is prominent the rest of the season.