Vines For Winnipeg

The President Clematis

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This classic flowering vine produces masses of large blooms throughout the summer and fall. This variety is loved for deep purple blooms adorned with red stamens.

Engleman Ivy

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Engelman Ivy is one of the most beautiful of the fall coloured vines. It turns a rich burgundy in autumn, sometime with copper or bronze highlights. It will quickly (and we mean quickly) cover up an eyesore for you. Don't be afraid to use this beauty along a wooden fence or to stabilize the ground along a slope.

Clematis Polish Spirit

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A vigorous, hardy and very showy vine featuring an abundance of rich purple flowers throughout the summer and into fall, doesn't know when to stop blooming; nearly indestructible

Honeysuckle Dropmore

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Vigorous semi-evergreen climber with masses of stunning, flaming scarlet, tubular flowers that open to reveal orange throats. Produced in succession from early summer to fall, they eventually give way (in hot summers) to small, bright red berries. Magnets for hummingbirds

Virginia Creeper Vine

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This plant is a great 3 season accent with a quick growing pattern and marvelous colour changes throughout the seasons. with large, brick red leaves in spring, matures to dark green and turns an outstanding red in fall. Small black berries in fall.