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Full Shade Plants

Looking for plants that flourish in the shade in Winnipeg ? Full shade is getting 3 Hrs or less of direct sun Daily.

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Fern Autumn Briliance

This selection is rapidly becoming one of the most popular garden ferns. Its common name 'Brilliance Autumn Fern' refers to the lustrous orange colour of the newly emerging fronds which seem to glow against the backdrop of the shiny, dark green, mature fronds.

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Fern Ghost

This selection sports stunning frosted apple green fronds that seem to emit a ghostly white light in the shade. Dark purple stems hold the broad fronds rigidly upright. This selection is taller than many other Athyriums and is more tolerant of dry soil.

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Fern Lady In Red

This fern's vibrant burgundy stems coupled with its dark green fronds will compliment everything else in your shade garden. When planted amidst the dark purple leaves of coral bells, its burgundy stems really stand out. Note: The burgundy color in the stems develops after the second dormancy.

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Fern Native/Ostrich

One of the largest and most popular ferns in cultivation today. The dark green, pinnate fronds are shaped like ostrich plumes, being much wider at the top and tapering down to a bare stipe.

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Polygonatum Var.Solomon's Seal

A classic beauty for the woodland garden. Grown mostly for its clean variegated, soft green foliage which turns yellow in fall, Solomon's Seal is a charming plant for the shade.

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Sib.Bug Emerald Mist

Jack Frost' has more silver barring with the bars connecting to form a silver collar around the perimeter of the leaf. In addition, there is a very light dusting of silver over the entire leaf surface.This variety produces the same tiny, baby blue, forget-me-not type flowers

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Sib.Bug Jack Frost

A sight to behold! The leaves of 'Jack Frost' are intricately detailed with a crackle-like finish. Though the leaves are dark green, they have a heavily frosted overlay which allows only the green veining to show through. From mid to late spring, baby blue, forget-me-not type blossoms

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