Dogwood Neon Burst

Noteworthy Characteristics : A rapid-growing, multi-stemmed, suckering, deciduous shrub that is native to eastern and central Asia. It typically matures to 8-10' tall. Creamy white flowers in flat-topped clusters (cymes to 2 1/2" across) bloom in late spring, sometimes with sparse, intermittent, additional flowering continuing into early summer.

Flowers give way to white berries (drupes tinged with blue-green) which ripen in mid-summer. Fruits are attractive to birds. Ovate to elliptic leaves (to 4 1/2" long) are bright yellow in full sun but greenish yellow in part shade.Tatarian dogwood is similar in appearance to redtwig dogwood (C. sericea/stolonifera), but generally does not spread as aggressively.

NEON BURST is a compact selection of tatarian dogwood that features bright yellow to chartreuse foliage in the spring and summer, a showy display of fall color, and vibrant red stems in winter. Small white flowers are borne in terminal clusters in mid-spring. Resists scorching in full sun. Plants have an upright to rounded growth habit and will reach up to 5' tall with a similar spread.

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Plant Type:
Full Sun, Part Sun
Bloom Time:
May to June
Bloom Colour:
Quantity Available: