Dogwoods For Winnipeg

Silver Charm Dogwood

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This selection feautures a dense, compact growth habit along with excellent green and silver variegation. Developed by Ron Boughen for improved cold hardiness and northern performance.

Cream Cracker™ Dogwood

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This lovely dogwood boasts a compact, rounded form with green leaves and striking creamy golden margins. Developed as an improvement on the old mottled dogwood.

Dogwood Neon Burst

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NEON BURST is a compact selection of tatarian dogwood that features bright yellow to chartreuse foliage in the spring and summer, a showy display of fall color, and vibrant red stems in winter. Small white flowers are borne in terminal clusters in mid-spring. Resists scorching in full sun.

Dogwood Buds Yellow

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Bud's Yellow' is a yellowtwig dogwood it is a rapid-growing, multi-stemmed, suckering, deciduous shrub that grows to a maximum size of 5-8' tall on erect. The outstanding ornamental features of this cultivar are: (1) bright yellow winter stems which are particularly showy against a snowy backdrop and (2) disease-resistant, ovate to elliptic, medium/dark green leaves (to 4.5" long)

Dogwood Siberian Pearls

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Siberian Pearls’ is noted for its compact size, profuse flowering/fruiting and bright red twigs in winter. It is a multi-stemmed, suckering, deciduous shrub that typically grows 3-4’ tall . Tiny, yellowish-white flowers appear in flat-topped clusters (to 2.5” diameter) in late spring, with sparse, intermittent, additional flowering sometimes continuing into summer.

Dogwood Silver & Gold

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Silver and Gold’ is a yellowtwig dogwood cultivar that is primarily grown for its bold variegated foliage and its yellow winter stems. This is a suckering shrub that typically grows to 5-7’ tall by 6-8’ wide. Leaves (2-4” long) are variegated with irregular creamy white margins. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. Stems turn bright yellow in winter.

Dogwood Isanti

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Isanti' is a rapid-growing, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub which grows to a maximum size of 4-5' tall with a rounded, spreading habit. Denser and more compact than the species due in large part to its shorter internodes. The outstanding ornamental feature of this plant is its bright red winter stems.

Ivory Halo dogwood

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Ivory Halo dogwood is A nice compact shrub with attractive, variegated green and white foliage. Creamy-white flowers in spring followed by small white berries in summer. Nice red stems in winter.