Potentilla For Winnipeg

Mango Tango™ Potentilla

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As a recent development from the University of Manitoba, this potentilla selection is sure to fit into the Prairie landscape. Due to its size, it will fit into many different applications. The bicolour flowers are most dramatic in cooler weather.

Goldstar Potentilla

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The blooms on this compact selection are some of the largest from the entire potentilla collection. It remains quite low growing and is excellent in borders.

Potentilla 'Fargo'

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The large, golden-yellow blooms are produced profusely all summer on this compact, rounded shrub. Outstanding!

Potentilla 'Goldfinger'

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An impressive colour of dark feathery foliage with masses of large, yellow blooms cover this compact, rounded shrub all season making it an excellent border shrub.

Potentilla 'Pink Beauty'

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A distinctive Potentilla with semi-double flowers in a very attractive medium-pink. In very extreme heat the flowers will develop a lighter pink colour. The superior plant vigour results in this Potentilla having a long flowering duration. The bright-green foliage is bushy and forms a mounded shrub.

Abbotswood Potentilla

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An excellent dwarf shrub that will provide brilliant summer interest with masses of bright white blooms that cover the fine green foliage, long after many plants have stopped flowering. A versatile plant for use as an accent or along walkways, in borders, low hedges, and foundation plantings. Deciduous.